Antioxidant Insider

 Brenton Levy

Dr. Colbert is considered a definitive authority in holistic health. Congressmen, celebrities, and athletes alike fly in from all over the world to receive treatment from Dr. Colbert at his cutting-edge clinics in Orlando and Dallas.

With decades of clinical experience, Dr. Colbert is very familiar with the devastating effects of aging on his patients.

He began to notice that the patients who showed the most signs of aging also had the most toxic lifestyles. They were the ones eating processed food, drinking alcohol, staying up late, and generally not taking very good care of themselves.

Through his career Dr. Colbert has kept up with the latest science on the aging process. His research led him to the remarkable realization that the solution to the aging problem is to be found in the food that we eat!

Based on this discovery, Dr. Colbert developed a cutting edge whole food nutritional supplement called Red Supremefood™. More than a superfood, Red Supremefood™ is loaded with anti-aging compounds called antioxidants, derived from the most nutrient dense fruits on the planet.


The effects of aging are caused by the oxidation (breakdown) of cells. This happens when extremely unstable molecules, called free radicals, proliferate in the body.

In small amounts, free radicals can be utilized for energy production and to fight off viruses and bacteria. However, if there are too many free radicals in the body they can begin to react with healthy cells and cause oxidative damage which leads to aging.

To prevent this from happening, the body naturally produces compounds called antioxidants. Antioxidants pair with the unstable free radicals and neutralize their potential to cause oxidative damage to cells.

Unfortunately, modern life presents the body with an onslaught of unnatural toxic substances that can dramatically disturb the delicate balance of free radicals and antioxidants.